[Ads-l] "Equal Protection" Not In OED

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> Subject: "Equal Protection" Not In OED
> "Equal protection" is a fundamental term in U.S. constitutional law, and should probably have an entry in the OED.
> Fred Shapiro

Yeah, but it is self-explanatory?

M-W's Dicty of Law (at least the first edition) does have an entry for 
it, as well as entries for "equal protection clause" and "equal 
protection under the law".

On a related tangent I saw that Oxford is working on a Dictionary of 
AAVE and, frankly, I'm torn: Yay, if it helps de-stigmatize the variety, 
but also, y'all are Brits: keep to your own shore.

---Amy "that was probably offensive on multiple levels, sorry!" West

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