[Ads-l] Early (?) infixing

Ben Yagoda byagoda at UDEL.EDU
Wed Nov 30 15:53:48 UTC 2022

From Walt McDougall, “Old Days on the World,” American Mercury, January 1925. McDougall, an illustrator, is writing about his time on The World in the 1880s and ‘90s.

 “[Joseph] Pulitzer and [John A.] Cockerill were the most profane men I have ever encountered. I learned much from them, for their joint vocabulary was extensive and in some respects unique. When J. P. was dictating an editorial upon some pet topic, such as Collis P. Huntington's ill-gotten wealth, Jay Gould's infamous railroad wrecking or Cyrus Field's income, his speech was so interlarded with sulphurous and searing phrases that the whole staff shuddered. He was the first man I ever heard who split a word to insert an oath. He did it often, and his favorite was ‘indegoddamnpendent.’”


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