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[Possibly relevant:
1775  Samuel Johnson *Taxation no tyranny: an answer to the
resolutions and address of the American Congress* (HathiTrust) 89
We are told, that the ſubjection of Americans may tend to the
diminution of our own liberties: an event, which none but very
perſpicacious politicians are able to foreſee. If ſlavery be thus
fatally contagious, how is it that we hear the loudeſt yelps for
liberty among the drivers of negroes?]


1837  *The Freeman’s Journal* (Dublin, Dublin, Ireland) 5 Sep 1/5
(newspapers.com)  ...that the facts of my letter to Mr.
Bedingfield can be met only by abuse; and that, as the friend
remarks who sent me your paper, “dogs yelp in proportion as they
are hurt.”


1860  *Gettysburg Compiler* (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) 28 May 3/3
(newspapers.com)  The old saying is, [illegible]n kicked dog will
holler," and so I think it is with Mr. Shireman.


1860  *Gettysburg Compiler* (Gettysburg, Pennsylvania) 2 Jul 4/1
(newspapers.com)  My friend H. says, “a kicked dog will holler,”
in which I must give him perfectly right. When he read my
advertisement, he was kicked, and then he hollered; he only made a
mistake, for he was the kicked dog.


1863  *Staunton Spectator* (Staunton, Virginia) 12 May 2/3  When a
stone is thrown into a crowd of dogs, and one yelps and runs away
with a limp, it is hard to resist the conclusion that *that dog is


1863  *Muscatine Evening Journal* (Muscatine, Iowa) 25 Feb 3/3
(newspapers.com)  In illustration of his remark last week, that
the hurt dog yelps, he devoted considerable of his precious time
to the JOURNAL--showing that our shots at him have taken effect.
Poor dog Train!


1874  *West Point Republican* (West Point, Nebraska) 4 Jun 5/3
(newspapers.com)  When we wrote that little squib under the above
caption, that appeared in the REPUBLICAN of May 22d, we little
thought that any one would rush in and plead guilty to that soft
impeachment, in-as-much as no one in particular was accused--not
even by intimation--and why W. W. Krause should assume that he is
the person alluded to, any more than any one else, is more than we
can account for, except upon the principle of “wounded dogs will
always yelp.”


1885  Sam P. Jones & W. M. Leftwich *Sermons and sayings. First
series* (HathiTrust) 280   If I throw a stone into a crowd of
dogs, and one runs yelping, you know that is the one that is hit.
When you hear one of these fellows on the street yelping at me,
you may know he is the dog that is hit.


1886  *Southern Standard* (McMinnville, Tennessee) 5 Jun 6/2
(newspapers.com)  I hope I wound no one’s feelings. Sam Jones says
“no dog will yelp that is not hit.”


1893  *The Ozark Banner-Advertiser* (Ozark, Alabama) 31 Aug 2/5
Sam Jones says, throw a stone into a crowd of dogs, and the hit
dog will holler.


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