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Excellent article, Nancy. Cory Doctorow has also been attempting to
popularize this family of terms on the Medium platform.

Article: How monopoly enshittified Amazon
Article subtitle: Chokepoint Capitalism ruins everything.
Author: Cory Doctorow
Date: Nov 28, 2022

I checked a PDF of his recent book "Chokepoint Capitalism", and I
could not find any of the enshitt-- terms. "Chokepoint Capitalism"
does use the words chickenize and chickenization, but these terms were
not coined by Doctorow.

Year: 2022
Book: Chokepoint Capitalism
Authors: Rebecca Giblin and Cory Doctorow
Publisher: Beacon Press, Boston, Massachusetts

[Begin excerpt]

Three poultry processors control almost every chicken sold in America.
They achieved their power by buying up everything to do with chicken
production; then insisting farmers buy their chicken houses, chicks,
medicine, and feed; and finally by using contracts to dictate exactly
how they’d be raised. . . .

Christopher Leonard dubbed the system of radical centralized control
that follows from this kind of vertical integration "chickenization,"
and it’s spreading rapidly through agricultural markets.
[End excerpt]


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