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Mon Feb 27 20:49:49 UTC 2023

Two of Garson's "Boris K. Fabian" cites below can be slightly antedated

1958 Lewiston [ME] Evening Journal 17 Oct. 18/3
Wrestling (4:45) -- Participants include The Masked Marvel, Emile Dupre, Boris K. Fabian

1960 Daily Kennebec [ME] Journal 27 Jun 2/4
Main Event -- Chief Don Eagle vs. Boris "Kay" Fabian

And I'll repost here from the same thread what I think is the earliest use of "kayfabe" noted so far:

1971 _Chicago Tribune_ 4 May sec 3 p 3 col 4
has a letter to the editor of the sports section about wrestling, signed
"Mark Kayfabe".

> Geoffrey Nathan initiated an entertaining thread about "kayfabe" back
> in January 2021.
> https://listserv.linguistlist.org/pipermail/ads-l/2021-January/158765.html
> I did post a message within this thread about names in wrestling (as
> alluded to by sg) which included:
> 1958 Nov 18: Boris K. Fabian
>1959 Feb 17: Boris Kafabian
> 1960 Sep 04: Boris Kay Fabian

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