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> As I understand it, a “clawback” is a procedure in which money paid by the employer into an employee’s retirement fund is clawed back from the employee in certain circumstances, before the money is fully vested.
> When an employee’s money has been “clawed back” from his account, the employee has been “clawbacked,” that is, the employee has been subjected to the clawback procedure.
> “Clawbacked” would seem strange to me if applied to the money, but seems to obey the internal logic of the meaning of “clawback,” where the noun relating to the procedure is used as a verb to describe a person being subjected to the procedure.
Thanks, Peter, for an alternative analysis: I hadn't thought of the noun 
being the underlying form of the base+ed form. So, what may be going on 
is not the typical challenge of where to put the suffix on a 
prepositional verb, but rather there being 2 different verb forms: the 
prepositional verb and then the verb formed from the noun . . . ? Hmmm . 
. .

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