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"...as society adopts these models...."--hallucinations included---sez who, brother?
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[Begin excerpt]
GPT-4 is OpenAI’s most advanced system, producing safer and more
useful responses

GPT-4 can solve difficult problems with greater accuracy, thanks to
its broader general knowledge and problem solving abilities.
. . .

GPT-4 still has many known limitations that we are working to address,
such as social biases, hallucinations, and adversarial prompts. We
encourage and facilitate transparency, user education, and wider AI
literacy as society adopts these models. We also aim to expand the
avenues of input people have in shaping our models.
[End excerpt]

[Begin example input/output]
Explain the plot of Cinderella in a sentence where each word has to
begin with the next letter in the alphabet from A to Z, without
repeating any letters.

A beautiful Cinderella, dwelling eagerly, finally gains happiness;
inspiring jealous kin, love magically nurtures opulent prince; quietly
rescues, slipper triumphs, uniting very wondrously, xenial youth
[End example input/output]

An AI system like GPT-4, in my opinion, can be viewed as an alien form
of intelligence.  It simultaneously displays superhuman capabilities
and subhuman capabilities. This duality is confusing to most people.

Here is a link to the reporting of Cade Metz of The New York Times.

OpenAI Plans to Up the Ante in Tech’s A.I. Race

[Begin excerpt]
Like similar technologies, the new system sometimes “hallucinates.” It
generates completely false information without warning. Asked for
websites that lay out the latest in cancer research, it might give
several internet addresses that do not exist.
[End excerpt]


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