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I'm sure you have this already, but please make sure to include the July 15, 1941 "snafu" citation discovered by Barry Popik.

Fred Shapiro

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Subject: Revising The F-Word

I am happy to be able to announce that I'm now actively working on a new edition of The F-Word. I've posted about it on the Strong Language blog, with examples of 20 entries I've currently drafted, and a longer list of specific things I'm looking for:


I've done a lot of work so far; there are over 80 new items, and over 110 antedatings. But there's more to do! I've been grateful for comments, suggestions, and discussion of the word on ADS-L in the past, and I would be even more grateful for even more such right now! Seriously, anything anyone would be willing to say would be most appreciated: antedatings; suggestions for new entries; additional quotations; you want to see discussed in the introduction; corrections. And in particular, anything from my want-list: that's stuff that's harder to search, so people here might be better suited to help than the gen pop.

Thank you.

Jesse Sheidlower

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