Johan van der Auwera auwera at
Fri Jan 16 02:40:33 UTC 1998

Introducing LINGTYP, the ALT typology discussion list

As mentioned in the minutes of the business meeting of ALT-II (ALT News
No. 19, point 2.e), ALT wanted to initiate a discussion list on
linguistic typology. The list is being set up now. It is restricted to
members in good standing. Anyone who is a good member according to the
WWW-records automatically subscribes to the new list. The News itself
will remain on another list, sent to both real members and potential,
future members.

In case you believe that you are a member in good standing and you have
been removed from the new list (after having been entered 'in silence',
with a copy & paste operation from the News List), contact Johan van der
Auwera (auwera at He will check his records and compare them
with those at Mouton.

In case you believe that you are a member in good standing and you have
not received a removal message, you can start communicating. The list is
unmonitored. Peter Kahrel (p.kahrel at administers it.

To contribute something to the discussion list, send an e-mail message

   lingtyp at

The LINGTYP list behaves like other well-known lists such as the
Linguist List.

To discontinue your subscription to the list, send the message
SIGNOFF LINGTYP to listserv at (This should be
in the body of the message, NOT on the subject line.)

Johan van der Auwera

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