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ALT News No. 22
May 1999


0. Delays
1. In Memoriam
3. Recently Published
4. Other Meetings

0. Delays

Both the making and the mailing of the News suffered various delays, the
last one due to the entry of hackers in the linguistlist system. The
mailing of  LT 3:1 and the ALT invoice has also been delayed. So nothing
is wrong with your membership!

1. In Memoriam

In the last few months two ALT members have died: Keith Denning and Jim
McCawley. Memorial pages have been set up at


Here are a few words from Frans Plank about Jim McCawley:

It could be seen from their face that some were surprised, or indeed
awe-struck, as they sighted Jim McCawley, as large as life, at ALT's
inaugural meeting at Vitoria-Gasteiz in the Basque Country, four years
ago. It was self-evidently an honour and a pleasure to have him around
as this association was getting going.  What an asset he was became
increasingly evident as ALT I proceeded, perhaps to the surprise of some
whose idol he may have been in their
where-do-(English-)noun-phrases-come-from pre-typological days of old:
the range and depth, the wit and enthusiasm of his impromptu comments
were rarely equalled by the talks that he would comment on.  And it was
not that these talks--or later the papers that he helped to review for
LT--were all fatally flawed.  It was that Jim McCawley, the scholar and
man of many qualities, was in a class of his own. Better instruction and
entertainment on adverbs, vowels, and other objects of wonder were not
to be had.

It would have been good to have him around longer.  Who will now remind
typologists at future ALT conferences of everything that they'd better
want to know and that they'd better be ashamed not to have asked?


At the end of August the University of Amsterdam will host the following

24-25 August : Third Symposium on Malay / Indonesian  Linguistics
26 August:    ALT III (Third Internatonal Conference of the
               Association for Linguistic Typology): Workshop on
              Creoles and Typology
27-29 August: ALT III, General Program

Each has its preliminary program. Thanks are due to

Peter Cole (U Delaware), David Gil (MPI Leipzig) and Uri Tadmor (MPI
Jakarta) [Malay/Indonesian Linguistics)

Jacques Arends & Casper de Groot (U Amsterdam) [ALT  Creole Workshop]

the ALT III program committee, i.e. Casper de Groot (U Amsterdam), Scott
Delancey (U Oregon, Eugene) [chair], Zlatka Guentcheva (U Paris 7),
Martin Haspelmath (MPI Leipzig), Maria Polinsky (U California, San
Diego), Masayoshi Shibatani (U Kobe) [ALT III General Program]


The Third

24-25 August 1999

Room 105, P.C.Hoofthuis Building, Spuistraat 134
University of Amsterdam
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Tuesday, 24 August, 1999

0830 - 0900

0900 - 0910
opening words

0910 - 1000
Keynote Address
"The Acquisition and Implementation of Borrowed Traditions in
Indonesian Malay"
Waruno Mahdi (The Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society,

1000 - 1030

1030 - 1110
"Focus in Manado Malay: Intonation, Syntax and Particles"
Ruben Stoel (Leiden University, The Netherlands)

1110 - 1150
"The Difference in Meaning between Two Question-Marking Contours
in Ambonese Malay"
Albert C. Remijsen and Johnny Tjia (Leiden University, The Netherlands /
Summer Institute of Linguistics, Indonesia)

1150 - 1230
"Signalling of Focus and Prosodic Boundaries in Jakartan Indonesian"
Lilie Roosman, Ellen van Zanten and Vincent J. van Heuven
(Leiden University, The Netherlands / Universitas Indonesia,

1230 - 1400

1400 - 1440
"Perception of Emotions in Indonesian Speech Utterances by Native
and Foreign Listeners"
Myrna Laksman and Vincent J. van Heuven (Leiden University, The
Netherlands / Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia)

1440 - 1520
"Position, Shape and Acceptability of Accent-Lending Pitch Movements in
Ellen van Zanten and Vincent J. van Heuven (Leiden University, The

1520 - 1600
"Substrate Language and Stress in Indonesian"
Rob Goedemans and Ellen van Zanten (Leiden University, The Netherlands)

1600 - 1630

1630 - 1710
"An Analysis of Indonesian Word Stress"
Janet Y. Yong (Universiti Malaya, Malaysia)

1710 - 1750
"The Story of /s/"
Alan Stevens  (City University of New York, USA)

1750 - 1830
"A Preliminary Investigation of the Phonology of Baba Hokkien of
Boon Seong Teoh and Beng Soon Lim (National University of Singapore,

Wednesday, 25 August, 1999

0900 - 0940
"Between Betawi Malay and Jakarta Indonesian"
Uri Tadmor (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology,

0940 - 1020
"The Emergence and Structure of Steurtjestaal, A Mixed Orphanage
Language of Colonial Java"
Hadewych A. van Rheeden (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

1020 - 1050 refreshments

1050 - 1130
"Reduplicated Word Formation in Malay and Japanese: A Contrastive
Analysis of Reduplicated Adjectives between Malay and Japanese"
Yuko Fujimura (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

1130 - 1210
"Adnominal Modification in Indonesian"
John Verhaar (The Hague, The Netherlands)

1210 - 1250
"Riau Indonesian: A Language without Reference and Predication?"
David Gil (Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Germany)

1250 - 1430

1430 - 1510
"A Preliminary Sketch of Bintulu Grammar with Some Evidence of
Malay Stratum"
Mika Ashizu (University of Hawai'i at Manoa, USA)

1510 - 1550
"Verb Sequences in Melayu Tenggara Jauh: The Interface of Malay
and the Indigenous Languages of Southwest Maluku"
Aone van Engelenhoven (Leiden University, The Netherlands)

1550 - 1630
"An Experimental Study of Normal and Aphasic Comprehension of
Thematic Role Assignment in Standard Indonesian"
Whitney Anne Postman and Gita Martohardjono (Cornell University, USA /
City University of New York, USA)

1630 - 1700

1700 - 1740
"Openings in Indonesian Telephone Conversations"
Louise Baird (Australian National University, Australia)

1740 - 1820
"The Indonesian Speech Act of Prohibiting
Among Members of the Batak Speech Community"
Asim Gunarwan (Universitas Indonesia, Indonesia)

For further information, and occasional updates, visit the
symposium webpage:



Registration and Welcome Reception:

Wednesday August 25, 1999
19.00 - 21.00

Café De Balie
Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen 10
1017 RR Amsterdam

The registation fee is 25 EURO for ALT members and it will cover

    the Book of Abstracts
    Dinner party (Saturday)

Non-members pay 50 EURO.

Workshop on Creoles and Typology
U Amsterdam, Thursday August 26, 1999

University of Amsterdam
Rooms A008 and F001
Oudemanhuispoort 4-6

Session 1:
Structure and development of Tense, Mood, Aspect

Östen Dahl (U Stockholm)
    The structure and development of Tense, Mood, Aspect: A
    typological perspective (provisional title)
Donald Winford (OSU)
    Structure and development of Tense, Mood, Aspect: A creole
    perspective (provisional title)

Marlyse Baptista (U Georgia)
    Positional properties of anterior markers and typological

10.50-11.10 coffee break

Richard Valovics (U Aarhus)
     A comparison of the TMA systems of creole languages with
     those of other isolating but non-creole languages
Viveka Velupillai (MPI Leipzig)
     Two aspectually divergent progressives in Hawaiian Creole
Shihan De Silva Jayasuriya (UC London)
     Tense Mood Aspect markers in Asian Portuguese creoles

12.40-14.01 lunch break

Session 2:
Internal structure of adpositions and adpositional phrases

Christian Lehmann (U Bielefeld)
     The internal structure of adpositions and adpositional
     phrases: A typological perspective (provisional title)
Adrienne Bruyn (U Amsterdam)
     The internal structure of adpositions and adpositional
     phrases: A creole perspective (provisional title)

Susanne Michaëlis (MPI Leipzig)
     Polysemy and semantic maps: The relator ek in Seychelles
Norval Smith (U Amsterdam)
     The variety of spatial expressions in Saramaccan

16.20-16.40     tea break

Session 3:      Grammaticalization

Silvia Kouwenberg & Darlene LaCharite (UWI Jamaica)
     Choices in the conventionalization of iconic
Valeri Khabirov (U Jekaterinburg)
     Grammaticalization in Sango

General Program

University of Amsterdam
Rooms A008 and F001 (for Fri and Sat, but probably not Sun!)
Oudemanhuispoort 4-6

Friday, August 27 9-12:30:    Session 1

Maria Polinsky, UC San Diego, and Eric Potsdam, Yale
     Cross-linguistic view of long-distance agreement
Yakov Testelets, Russian University for the Humanities
     Long-distance reflexives, long-distance pronominals,
     unrestricted pronouns, and an anaphoric hierarchy
Irina Nikolaeva, University of California at San Diego
     Non-local agreement in prenominal relatives


Gontzal Aldai, University of Southern California
     Gap relativization in Basque
Anna Sierwierska, Lancaster University
     Reduced pronominals and argument prominence
Kari Fraurud, Uppsala University
     Hypostatization in anaphora in a cross-linguistic

Friday, August 27 9-12:30     Session 2

Jan Rijkhoff, Aarhus University
     When can a language have adjectives?  An implicational
Floor Loeb and Leon Stassen, University of Nijmegen
     Towards a typology of manner adverb encoding
Kees Hengeveld and Marieke Valstar, University of Amsterdam
     Parts-of-speech systems and lexical subclasses


Bernard Waelchi, Stockholm University
     Towards a typology of natural coordination and co-compounds
David Gil, MPI Leipzig
     Why words?  Criteria for bond strength between morphemes in
     Riau Indonesian
Marianne Mithun, University of California at Santa Barbara
     Typology and history: means to explanation

Friday, August 27 14-18:30    Session 1

Marco Last, University of Amsterdam
     Expressions of numerosity: A cross-linguistic investigation
     and a cognitive explanation
Matthew Dryer, SUNY Buffalo
     Explaining the order of genitive and noun in SVO languages
K. I. Kazenin, Moscow State University
     Extraction, island constraints, and word order typology:
     Evidence from free word order languages
Alan Hyun Oak Kim, Southern Illinois University
     Complementizer typology and word-order effects in OV


Holger Diessel, MPI Leipzig
     Ordering distribution of main and adverbial clauses in OV
     and VO languages
Vladimir Plungian, Moscow
     Past and "retrospective shift" marking: a typology
Per Durst-Andersen, Copenhagen Business School
     Two types of aspectual systems
Sergei Tatevosov, Moscow State University
     Universal quantification: parameters of cross-linguistic

Friday, August 27 14-18:30 Session 2

Umberto Ansaldo, University of Hong Kong
     The Surpass comparative as an areal feature of Southeast
Peter Bakker, Aarhus University
     Rapid typological change and the genesis of linguistic areas
Mily Crevels, University of Amsterdam, and Peter Bakker, Aarhus
     External possession in Romani from a Sprachbund perspective
Thomas Widmann, Aarhus University
     The numbers from 1 to 10: A typological survey


Pierluigi Cuzzolin, University of Pavia, Silvia Luraghi, Pavia,
     and Davide Ricca, Torino
     Looking for areal convergences in the Mediterranean
Elena Skribnik, Institute of Philology, Novosibirsk
     Miratives and pre-mirative contexts in West-Siberian
Natalia Grishina, Novosibirsk
     Topic prominence in Ket
Matti Miestamo, University of Helsinki
     On the typology of standard negation

Friday, August 27 14-17:30    Symposium on Verb Classification:
                              First session

Friday, August 27 20:00-22:00

Discussion: Internet grammars

The purpose of the meeting is two-fold:

* To discuss various aspects, both linguistically and technically, of
the feasibility of Internet Grammars
* To install, if there is sufficient support, a committee of interested
members to work out a concrete plan.

Details and relevant discussion points will be supplied by Peter Kahrel
(p.kahrel at via the discussion list, early August.

Saturday, August 28 9-12:30   Session 1

Wouter Kusters, University of Leiden
     Complexity in inflection: A reflection of sociolinguistic
David Peterson, University of California at Berkeley
     Typological evidence for the origin and motivation of
     applicative constructions
Susan McBurney, University of Washington
     Referential morphology in signed and spoken language


Greville Corbett, University of Surrey
     Prolegomena to a typology of syncretism
Martin Haspelmath, MPI Leipzig
     The Agglutination Hypothesis: A belated empirical
Wolfgang Schellinger, University of Konstanz
     The Malto noun phrase meets typology: Suffixaufnahme in a
     Dravidian language

Saturday, August 28 9-12:30  Session 2

Zygmunt Frajzyngier and Holly Krech, University of Colorado
     Motivation for copula in equational clauses
Tania Kuteva, University of Koeln
     Typology of the sit/stand/lie-construction in Germanic
Nina Sumbatova, Institute of Oriental Studies
     Typology of focus marking: the West African case


Johanna Nichols, David Peterson, and Jonathan Barnes, University
     of California at Berkeley
     Preferred-transitive and preferred-intransitive languages
Elena Kalinina, Moscow State University
     Nonfinites in finite sentences
Irina Nevskaya, Novokuzneck State Pedagogical Institute
     Reflexive converbs in South Siberian Turkic--the rise of a
     new category

Saturday, August 28 9-12:30  Symposium on Verb Classification II

Saturday, August 28 14-16:00  Business Meeting

Saturday, August 28 16:30-17:30   ALT Junior Award talk

Saturday, August 28 Evening: Dinner party

Sunday, August 29 9-13:00

Wolfgang Schulze, University of Muenchen
     Accusative-Ergative-continuum: Its instantiation in some
     indigenous languages of the Caucasus
Gontzal Aldai and Jon Aske, University of Southern California
     Is Basque Ergative?
Helma van den Berg, Leiden University
     Antipassive construction in Daghestanian languages


Gilbert Lazard, Paris
     What is transitivity?
Jurgen Bohnmeyer, MPI Nijmegen
     Argument marking patterns across the Mayan language family
A. E. Kibrik, Moscow State University
     Complementarity of descriptive and typological heuristics:
     the Alutor evidence
Michael Cysouw, University of Nijmegen
     Crossing the transitivity boundary with pronominals



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3. Recently Published

If interested in reviewing any of theses titles for LT, contact
frans.plank at, who also welcomes relevant further
references, to your own recent books and others.  Items inadvertently
omitted this time will be included in the next listing.

Bao, Zhiming (1999). The Structure of Tone. New York: Oxford University

Bhat, D. N. S. (1999). The Prominence of Tense, Aspect and Mood.
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(Note:  This is the latest volume of the multivolume, typologically
oriented encyclopedia  "Languages of the World" of RAN's Institut
jazykoznanija.  Volumes already available in the Eurasian series cover
Uralic, Turkic, Paleoasiatic, Mongolian/Manchu-Tungus/Japanese/Korean,

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4. Other Meetings

September 7-9 1999
University of York

Call for Papers:  Members and potential guests are invited to offer
papers for the Meeting; abstracts are also accepted from non-members.
The LAGB welcomes submissions on any linguistics or linguistics-related

Events: The Henry Sweet Lecture 1999 on the Tuesday evening will be
delivered by Bernard Comrie (Max Planck Institute, Leipzig), and is
entitled 'The typology of reference tracking: form and function'.

There will also be a Workshop on reference tracking, organized by Anna
Siewierska (University of Lancaster), speakers to be announced in the
second circular.

There will be a Language Tutorial on Lesgian, given by Martin Haspelmath
(Max Planck Institute, Leipzig).

More information from
Marjolein Groefsema, Dept. of Linguistics, University of
Hertfordshire, Watford Campus, ALDENHAM, Herts. WD2 8AT. E-mail:
m.groefsema at
or at


February 25-27, 2000
International Morphology Meeting, 9th. University of Vienna, Austria.
Main themes: Comparative Morphology, Psycholinguistic/Mental Aspects of
Abstract deadline: October 1, 1999.
Morphology Meeting, Institut fuer Sprachwissenschaft, Berggasse
11/2/3, 1090 Wien, Austria; phone: +43-1-3103886; fax: +43-1-3155347;
morph at;


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Director, Department of Linguistics
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Germany                                    fax +49 341 99 52 119
E-mail:                                        comrie at
Secretary's e-mail (Ms. Julia Cissewski):    cissewsk at

Frans Plank [Editor-in-chief, Linguistic Typology]

Universitaet Konstanz
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Johan van der Auwera [Secretary-Treasurer]

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