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ALT News No. 31
November 2002

1. Reminder: ALT V - Call for papers
2. Reminder: Summer School
3. Junior Award 2003
4. Recently Published

1. Reminder: ALT V - Call for papers

The fifth International Conference of the Association for Linguistic
Typology (ALT V) will be held at the Universita di Cagliari, Sardinia,
from Monday September 15 to Thursday September 18, 2003. The conference
will follow the Summer School in Linguistic Typology, also at the
Universita di Cagliari, from Monday September 1 to Friday September 12
2003. The local organizer for ALT V will be Ines Loi Corvetto.

Members and non-members wishing to present a paper at ALT V are asked to
send six copies of a one-page abstract to the chair of the program
committee, Walter Bisang, to reach him no later than January 1, 2003. A
second page (six copies) may be attached to the abstract listing data.
The abstract itself should contain no identification of the author. A
separate sheet should be included which contains the title of the
abstract, the name(s) of the author(s), and one mailing address, with
telephone, fax, and e-mail address as available.

The committee accepts submission via fax or e-mail (with the abstract as
part of the message rather than by attachment), but abstracts may be
sent by regular mail as well.

The time allotted for presentation and discussion is 30 minutes. Members
may also submit abstracts for symposia, including the names of
participants and the amount of time requested. Participants may not be
involved in more than two abstracts, of which at most one may be
single-authored. English is the preferred language at the conference.

Address for mailing ALT abstracts:

Walter Bisang
Institut fuer Allgemeine und Vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft
Johannes-Gutenberg Universitaet Mainz
Jakob-Welder-Weg 18
D-55099 Mainz

Fax: +49-6131-392-3836
wbisang at

By February 15, 2003 the program committee will convey its decision on
acceptance of papers to those submitting abstracts. The committee
consists of Balthasar Bickel, Walter Bisang (chair) Oesten Dahl, Aditi
Lahiri, Vera Podlesskaya, and Lindsay Whaley.

Details concerning registration and accommodation for the conference
will follow. There will also be a dedicated website.

2. Reminder: Typology Summer School

A two-week Typology Summer School under the auspices of ALT will take
place in Cagliari (capital of Sardinia, Italy), 1-12 September 2003. The
local organizer is Ines Loi Corvetto (head of the Department of
Linguistics and Stylistics, University of Cagliari), and the scientific
coordinator is Martin Haspelmath (MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology,
Leipzig). In September 2001, a Program Committee was constituted,
consisting of Paolo Ramat, Edith Moravcsik, Walter Bisang, the local
organizer and the scientific coordinator, as well as two members
appointed by two co-sponsoring Italian linguistics associations, Pier
Marco Bertinetto and Pierluigi Cuzzolin. The summer school will be
supported financially by the European Science Foundation, so that
participation fees can be kept reasonably low. Affordable on-campus
accommodation for students will be available.

Details concerning registration and accommodation for the conference
will follow. There will also be a dedicated website.

The following courses will be taught:

General introductory courses

1. Morphosyntactic typology
Bernard Comrie (MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig)
2. Phonological typology
Larry M. Hyman (UC Berkeley)

Overview courses of particular language groups

3. Italian dialects and typology
Michele Loporcaro (U Zurich)
4. Typology of the classical languages (Ancient Greek and Latin)
Paolo Ramat (U Pavia) and PIERLUIGI CUZZOLIN (U Bergamo)
5. The languages of Native North America
Marianne Mithun (UC Santa Barbara)
6. The languages of Australia
Nicholas Evans (U Melbourne)
7. Creole languages and typology
John Mcwhorter (UC Berkeley)
8. Languages of South-East Asia
David Gil (MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig)

Language acquisition

9. Language acquisition and semantic typology
Melissa Bowerman (MPI for Psycholinguistics, Nijmegen)
10. Morphological typology and language acquisition
Wolfgang U. Dressler (U Vienna)

More specialized/advanced courses

11. The Syntax/semantic Interface
Claude Hagege (Collège de France, Paris)
12. Typology of agreement constructions
Greville Corbett (U Surrey)
13. Typology of Sign Languages
Urike Zeshan (University of Cologne)
14. Typology and generative syntax
Frederick Newmeyer (U Washington)
15. Noun phrase typology in areal perspective
Maria Koptjevskaja-tamm (U Stockholm)
16. Typology and language change
Martin Haspelmath (MPI for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig)

3. Junior Award 2003

The Association for Linguistic Typology proposes to make a Junior Award
for the best piece of typological research embodied in a doctoral
dissertation or equivalent submitted between 1 January 2001 and 31
December 2002. The award will consist of payment of travel and per diem
expenses and registration fee to attend ALT V, to be held in Cagliari,
Sardinia, 15-18 September 2003, and to present a synopsis or element of
the prize-winning work as a plenary lecture at that meeting.

Those wishing to be considered for this award are asked to submit FIVE
copies of their dissertation to the Chair of the Jury, to arrive no
later than Monday, 3 February 2003. Work submitted will not be returned.
Applicants who encounter financial difficulties in preparing and mailing
five copies of their thesis, etc., may contact the President of ALT for
a subvention. If their application is approved, they will be asked to
mail one copy of their thesis, etc., and ALT will cover the costs of
preparing the other copies.

A jury, consisting of 5 ALT members, will be appointed by ALT's
President in function of the work submitted. The chairman will be

Bill McGregor
Department of Linguistics
University of Aarhus
Bygning 465, Nobelparken
Jens Chr. Skous Vej 7
DK-8000 Aarhus C
linwmg at

4. Recently Published

Here is our regular listing of recent publications (or also a few about
to forthcome) which wear their typological credentials on their
sleeves.  Don’t be misled, though:  there are few books in linguistics
(titles supplied on request) which do NOT bear, in one way or another,
on the question of diversity and unity — which is what typology is
about.  For purposes of book reviewing in LT, what matters is that
REVIEWS are done from a distinctively typological angle.  Reviewers so
intentioned, whatever they’d like to take on, please get in touch with
me (frans.plank at, and we’ll obtain a review copy for

Thanks, everybody, for keeping Book Reviews going, and going so strong,
in LT!

Drop me a line with bibliographical particulars if you want to make sure
your own relevant publications will be included in the next listing.
And remind your publishers to send a review copy to: LINGUISTIC
TYPOLOGY, Sprachwissenschaft, Universität Konstanz, D-78457 Konstanz,

So far, to be considered worthy of possible review in LT, in addition to
being relevant to typology, you had to be a book, in the old-fashioned
sense of the term.  This may seem a somewhat conservative requirement,
favouring the printed word over the electronically disseminated.  On the
other hand, LT does not seem to be on the mailing lists of many
electronic publishers, nor has any offer been received these last few
years to review an electronic publication.  For the time being, the
Editorial Board’s policy will be to deal with such offers, should any
be received, on a case by case basis.

A New Grammars listing is to follow with the next News.  (Remember the
ALT initiative about on-line grammars?  Are there any to be listed?)

Abraham, Werner & C. Jan-Wouter Zwart (eds.) (2002). Issues in Formal
German(ic) Typology. Amsterdam: Benjamins.

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e-learning-academy AG (  [electronic

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Newman, John (ed.) (2002). The Linguistics of Sitting, Standing and
Lying. (TSL, 51.) Amsterdam: Benjamins.

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Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


Marianne Mithun [President]
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Frans Plank [Editor-in-chief, Linguistic Typology]
Universitaet Konstanz
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Germany                            fax + 49 7531 88 27 41
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