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Sun Jul 6 07:36:56 UTC 2003

Dear ALT members,

You should all (have) receive(d) an invoice from De Gruyter (Berlin) for
Linguistic Typology (2003). You will also remember that ALT membership
involves a subscription to the journal - except for group members in
Moscow and Tbilisi - and that the fee from De Gruyter includes the
membership fee.
If this is your first invoice or the first invoice that you could
consider paying for by credit card, we advise you to pay by credit card.
Identify the type of the card, the number and its expiry date, write
this information on the invoice, sign and send it to Berlin. If you
don't pay by credit card, then have your bank make a(n international)
transfer to one of the banks mentioned on the invoice.
If you have paid by credit card before, the invoice should say that the
right amount will be charged automatically to your credit card account.
If you have changed credit cards or if you have changed status (from
student to non-student, or vice versa), write all the relevant
information on the invoice and send it to Berlin.
If there is any other problem, drop me an e-line. But please note that I
will not read it before the first week of August.

Johan van der Auwera
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