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Ljuba Veselinova ljuba at
Sun Aug 3 10:11:02 UTC 2008

Dear ALT members,

Please find below the address of our homepage under re-making

I would like to have your opinion on what's being done. I also accept
suggestions about further changes, please read on.

You will will notice that there are gaps on a number of sub-pages.
This means I know that something exists, as for instance a Gabelentz
Award, but I don't know anything else about it, so if anyone else has
the info, please pass it on.

There are a number of such issues. Specifically, I need information
about the following:

--The ALT awards:
--Any details about what the award is about and procedure for its
distribution etc
-- Award recipients: please send me the details below
Your name
Name of award
Year of the award
Title of the work for which the award was received

If you think that something else should be listed about award
recipients, please let me know.

--The Typology syllabi page
-- are we to keep them? If yes, please send in more teaching
materials. Right now there are the syllabi of two classes plus an
updated list on reading materials that Frans Plank maintains.

Suggestions about additions/changes to other existing pages are
welcome. If you think that some other subheading (page) should be
there, please let me know and send in possible contents.

I am also open to suggestions about different versions of the logo and
a picture to use at the top of the page. You are welcome to play with
those, however, please keep in mind that whatever you send in has to
match the current color scheme which is

green_1: R181, G211, B191
green_2: R26, G94, B49

My colleague Rickard Franzén is working on a database for the
membership directory that will allow us to update our personal
information online and will also feature a language lookup for the
languages that we speak and the languages we are working on. A
web-based facility for updating the current Grammar Watch is in the
plan too. We hope to be able to plug in the database with basic
address info this coming week. The language lookup facility as well as
the Grammar Watch will come in early September.

If I receive any new versions of the logo and suggestions for a top
picture by Wednesday August 6, I will be able to put them up for the
list to vote on whichever they like best. Anything else that comes in
later will have to wait until September.

Hope you all are having a good summer.

Best wishes,

Ljuba Veselinova
Dept of Linguistics, Stockholm University, S-10691 Stockholm, Sweden
Phone: +46-8-16-2332

"We learn by going where we want to go."
 Julia Cameron

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