Stress in Admiralty languages

Robert Blust blust at
Thu Apr 1 20:21:37 UTC 1999


I published a vocabulary of Lou in PL A92:35-99.  There is a short
discussion of stress on p. 57 which reads: `In citation forms primary
stress generally was recorded on the final syllable peak.  However, in a
number of cases I also recorded penultimate stress.  It is possible that
the former is an emphatic pattern, characteristic of forms offered in
isolation, while the latter is more typical of forms in sentence context,
but this remains speculative.'  For some languages I recorded only final
stress (e.g. Pak), for others only penultimate stress (e.g. Kuruti), and
for others what appeared to be variable final or penultimate stress (e.g.
Bipi).  There was no indication of phonemic stress in any of the languages
of the eastern Admiralties.

I hope this helps.



On Tue, 30 Mar 1999, John Lynch wrote:

> I am trying to track down any descriptions of the rules of stress
> assignment in the languages of Manus and the Admiralty Islands (apart
> from Hamel's description of Loniu, Smythe's of Kele ~ Gele', and Bob
> Blust's of Wuvulu, Aua and Seimat).
> Is anyone aware of any published or unpublished data on this?
> John

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