Ross Clark DRC at stargate1.auckland.ac.nz
Mon Apr 26 05:44:38 UTC 1999

Dear Colleagues,

In my recent reply to Alexandre Francois, you may have noted a confusing
absence of visual cues to distinguish his original text from my replies. I
apologize for this. It is a consequence of a system called Novell
Groupwise, which has recently been imposed on us by higher powers. Among
its many annoying features, Groupwise apparently does not provide the
traditional arrowhead/wedge marking for the text of the message you are
replying to. It helpfully suggests that you can distinguish the two by
means of italic, bold, underlining, etc. (Thus the breathtaking advance of
computer technology makes me laboriously do what the old, primitive system
did automatically for me.) This I attempted to do, putting AF's text in
italic and my own in roman bold. Somewhere along the line all of this was
stripped from the message and what you see is the resulting mess. If anyone
can tell me how to remedy this retrograde feature of Groupwise, I would be
happy to hear from them.

Ross Clark

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