PNCV *koro / *qoro root, "to fence"

Waruno Mahdi mahdi at FHI-Berlin.MPG.DE
Mon Apr 26 10:04:07 UTC 1999

As Bob Blust correctly noted in a direct message to me, POC *koro
cannot reflect a *kurung (and also not a *kuDung), because POC *o
reflects PAN *e and *au, but not PAN *u.

(An extremely small number of possible exceptions have been proposed
as PCEMP innovations with unexplained irregular vowel shift, which
would however require that that *u > *o shift also be reflected in
cognates in languages of East Indonesia. I am not aware of any data
that would substatiate that)

so, if POC *koro has Western cognates, one should look for something
the likes of **keDau.......

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