Chaumont Devin devil at
Tue Apr 27 11:35:34 UTC 1999

I wrote:

> This is because for Malay words in which
>a 'd' sound occurs embedded within the word, the 'd' appears as 'r' in
>Buru, whereas the 'r' in Malay words is represented by an 'h' in Buru.

This information is misleading, and stems from a laps of memory on my part.  The 'd' to 'r' change occurs also in initial position.  For example:

Malay DURI -> Buru Rohi.
Malay DARAH -> Buru RAHA ('r' changes to 'h' also)
      DARET -> Buru RAHE
Malay DAKI -> Buru RAKI




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