Indonesian list - second try

Uri Tadmor tadmor at
Thu Aug 12 07:30:27 UTC 1999

Two months ago, we attempted to put together a list of linguists working
on languages of Indonesia.  However, following our initial announcment
our university was closed down for three weeks during the Inodnesian
election campaign.  Unfortunately, our server was also down for that
period, so that the replies bounced.  Now that things have quieted down
a bit, we are making a second attempt.  If you are interested in being
included in the list, please complete and send the following

First language:
Mailing address:
Contact number:
Email address:
Interests (geographical/specific languages):
Interests (theoretical):
Title of MA thesis and/or PhD dissertation
Year obtained:

If possible, please attach a recent CV and list of pulbication.

Send to: <bkaswanti at>

Yours sincerely,
Bambang Kaswanti Purwo
Universitas Atma Jaya
Jakarta Indonesia
bkaswanti at (Bambang Kaswanti)


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