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Waruno Mahdi mahdi at FHI-Berlin.MPG.DE
Tue Feb 2 19:26:45 UTC 1999

> A Dutch author writing in 1927 cited, simply, "Brandes, Proefschrift".  I
> assume this can be none other than Jan Lourens Andries Brandes, while
> 'Proefschrift' is Dutch for (Ph.D./doctoral) thesis.  But can anyone fill
> me in on the fuller bibliographic citation, i.e. title and when and where

It is indeed his doctoral thesis:

   BRANDES, Jan Lourens Andries, 1884, Bijdrage tot de vergelijkende
   klankleer der Westersche Afdeeling van de Maleisch-Polynesische
   Taalfamilie, thesis, Rijks-Universiteit te Leiden.

I have a copy of it at home. If you want to know the pages in it that
deal with a certain subject, let me know and give me one night time
to look it up at home.....

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