Chamorro origins

John Lynch lynch_j at VANUATU.USP.AC.FJ
Wed Feb 17 20:31:16 UTC 1999

	John Myhill wrote:

	For what it's worth, the change kw to p happened in the Romance
	e.g. Latin [akwa] stayed the same in Italian but became [apa] in
	I haven't heard of the reverse process.

	For what it's worth, languages of Southern Vanuatu have *p > *kw
in certain phonological environments, generally associated with a
neighbouring round vowel. E.g.,

	Proto Oceanic *puaq 'fruit' > Kwamera n at -kwa (@ = schwa, n at - =
	POc *tupa 'bury' > Kwamera a-rukw

	John Lynch

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