Vanuatu bibliography

Robert Blust blust at
Thu Jul 8 20:58:26 UTC 1999

Dear John,

I'm sure you've got all the major things, but some minor things may slip
through the cracks.  One small piece which makes use of data from Vanuatu
languages is my squib, `Low vowel dissimilation in Oceanic languages: an
addendum' in OL 35.2:305-309.  Just thought I'd mention it for the sake of
completeness, since that kind of reference is easy to miss.


On Mon, 14 Jun 1999, John Lynch wrote:

> The Annotated Bibliography of Vanuatu Languages, originally published in
> 1994, is now online (thanks to Nick Thieberger) at:
> I have recently been doing some (unannotated) updating of this
> bibliography, and would welcome any further additions - either recently
> published material or older stuff which I have missed.
> The original bibliography included published works wholly or partly on
> Vanuatu languages. It excluded publications IN those languages, though
> there may well be a need for such a listing elsewhere.
> The original also excluded unpublished MA and PhD theses, but I have
> decided in this revision to include such, as they are to a certain
> extent in the public domain (more so that seminar handouts, for
> example).
> I would be grateful if any suggested additions could be sent to me, and
> I will format them and send them on ...
> Thanks,
> John

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