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Publication Announcement

The "Selected Papers from the Eighth International Conference on
Austronesian Linguistics" contains 21 papers that were selected after having
been presented at the 8ICAL, which was held December 28-30, 1997 at the
Academia Sinica, in Taipei (Taiwan). This symposium volume covers a number
of topics on Austronesian Linguistics, ranging from diachronic studies,
phonetics and phonology to syntax (see the Table of Contents below). The
volume, which is hardbound with 673 pages is now availabe at the Institute
of Linguistics (Preparatory Office), Academia Sinica; its cost is 1000 NT$.
If ordered outside Taiwan, it costs 35US$ plus 10US$ for shipping and
handling charges, payable by money order or personal check, to the Institute
of Linguistics (Preparatory Office).

e-mail address: 	linguist at
Mailing address:	Institute of Linguistics (Preparatory Office)
				Academia Sinica, Nankang 115
				Taipei, Taiwan ROC

Table of Contents

Invited Papers
	New linguistic evidence for the Austric hypothesis
	Lawrence A. Reid
	Subgrouping, circularity and extinction: some issues in Austronesian
	Robert Blust
	Chasing rainbows: implications for the rapid dispersal of languages of
languages for subgrouping and reconstruction
	Andrew Pawley
I. Diachronic Studies
	The monosyllabic roots of Proto-Austronesian
	John Wolff
	Proto-Polynesian numerals
	Ross Clark
	The position of the Rejang language of Sumatra in relation to Malay and the
languages of Northwest Borneo
	Richard McGinn
II. Phonetics and Phonology
	Temporal properties of Madurese consonants: a preliminary report
	Abigail C. Cohn and William H. Ham
	Degemination in Indonesian phonology and phonetics
	Niken Adisasmito-Smith
	Tsou consonant clusters and auditory cue preservation
	Richard Wright
	Retrieving Siraya phonology: a new spelling for a dead language
	K. Alexander Adelaar
III. Syntax
Case marking
	Seediq bound pronouns: pronominal clitics or agreement affixes?
	Yung-li Chang
	Transitivity, ergativity and the best analysis of Atayal case marking
	Stanley Starosta
	Thoughts concerning ergativity, subject and focus in Sama
	JoAnn Gault
	Structural implications of the function of Instrument focus in Seediq
	Arthur Holmer
	Bunun tense and aspect
	Heng-syung Jeng
	Emotion verbs in Acehnese and linking theory
	Simon Musgrave
	Clausal architecture and movement verbs in Malagasy
	Charles Randriamasimanana
	On clausal complements in Paiwan
	Chih-Chen Jane Tang
	Grammaticalized quotations in Kambera, Buru and Tukang Besi
	Marian Klamer
Other syntactic constructions
	Locative, existential and possessive clauses in Seediq
	Naomi Tsukida
	Some problems in the Basay language
	Paul Jen-kuei Li
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