Vanuatu bibliography

John Lynch lynch_j at VANUATU.USP.AC.FJ
Tue Jun 15 01:13:52 UTC 1999

The Annotated Bibliography of Vanuatu Languages, originally published in
1994, is now online (thanks to Nick Thieberger) at:

I have recently been doing some (unannotated) updating of this
bibliography, and would welcome any further additions - either recently
published material or older stuff which I have missed.

The original bibliography included published works wholly or partly on
Vanuatu languages. It excluded publications IN those languages, though
there may well be a need for such a listing elsewhere.

The original also excluded unpublished MA and PhD theses, but I have
decided in this revision to include such, as they are to a certain
extent in the public domain (more so that seminar handouts, for

I would be grateful if any suggested additions could be sent to me, and
I will format them and send them on ...



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