Sanskrit in Tagalog

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Wed Nov 24 12:57:58 UTC 1999

Please allow me to take advantage of this interlude in a lengthy and
interesting dialog by interjecting the following brief commercial

A revised, updated version of Laura Junker's Ph.D. thesis (1990,
Long-Distance Trade and the Development of Socio-Political Complexity in
Philippine Chiefdoms of the First Millennium to Mid-Second Millennium
A.D., Univ. of Michigan; UMI #9116212) is (finally!) due out very
shortly from UH Press under the title _Raiding, Trading, and Feasting:
The Political Economy of Philippine Chiefdoms_, ISBN 0-8248-2035-5,
still voluminous at 488 pp., with 56 illus., and in cloth binding.

It's listed among the books on the brand-new, beta-version of the UH
Press website at the new URL <>, which
opens to the public by end of work (Hawai`i time) today. (Alas, the
Journals site has not been ported over yet.)

Now back to you, Jean-Paul and Waruno.

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