potetjp POTETJP at wanadoo.fr
Tue Apr 4 09:55:42 UTC 2000

Some time ago someone unwisely questioned the validity of the word "rat"
possibly being used for "dog" in Lukep as proposed by Isidore Dyen. Yet the
transfer of the name of one species to another does not seem to be rare.
First there is John U. Wolff 's paper on plant names.
As regards animals, I came across a puzzling discrepancy between standard
Tagalog (ST) and Manila usage.

According to two reliable Filipino scholars living in America,
_butéte_ "puffer fish" is also used to mean "tadpole" (ST _ulú-uló_) for
one, and "worm" (ST _buláti_) for the other.
For both _putaktí_ "wasp" means "bee" (ST _pukyútan_).

None of these usages is recorded in standard dictionaries.
Jean-Paul G. Potet

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