Katbol Languge of Malekula Vanuatu

Nicholas Thieberger n.thieberger at linguistics.unimelb.edu.au
Thu Jan 13 01:22:19 UTC 2000

John Lynch's bibliography of Vanuatu languages can be found if you
follow the links from:


Unfortunately Katbol is listed as a language with no known literature.


Nick Thieberger

>Dear Friends,
>             Belated Seasons  Greetings.
>             I am writing to ask if anyone knows how I
>can get hold of vocabulary or texts in the Katbol
>language of Malekula Island in Vanuatu.  I believe it
>is used by only several hundred people and the only
>vocaulary I've been able to find so far is a couple of
>hundred words in Tryon's book on the Internal
>Classification of the Languages of the New Hebrides
>(now Vanuatu) which classifies the languages in
>Vanuatu on the basis of similarities in vocabulary.  I
>am particularly interested in finding out about the
>Tisvel dialect of Katbol.
>              I live in Melbourne but hope to visit
>Vanuatu in March and to collect some material then
>from friends there.
>              Any information will be gratefully
>              From the few dozen words I've so far
>gleaned it appears that Katbol almost entirely lacks
>the na- and/or n- noun-prefixes so typical of other
>Melanesian  languages in Vanuatu even on nouns which
>have na- or n- type noun-prefixed cognates in
>neighboring languages .
>              Thankyou,
>                       Yours,
>                             Gilbert Read
>                             Melbourne Australia
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