Thanks for Katbol info

gilbert read readg at
Sun Jan 23 02:46:45 UTC 2000

Thankyou to Terry Crowley, Nicholas Thieberger and
John Finlay for info and contacts for the Katbol
Language.  I hope to re-establish contact during a
march visit to Port Vila with a friend who can speak a
little of the Katbol language  of Malakula.  He is
concerned it will die out before being properly
recorded.  He says there are four dialects and that
the dialect he speaks a litlle (Tisvel) is distinct to
the Tenmbimbi and Katbol dialects in Tryon and that
there is also a Mindu(bush) dialect.  As all the info
was have was gleaned during a few hurried telephone
conversations I wish to check it out further.
                   Thanks yours Gilbert Read in
Melbourne Australia.
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