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Mon Jan 31 22:06:56 UTC 2000

Dick McGinn,
The closest Philippine exquivalents to Rejang _kuyu'_ "dog" seem to be
Ifugao: _ka:hu_ "dog" (Reid 1971)
Tagalog: _kahól_ "bark" (all dictionaries)
In Tagalog, none of the words for "dog" is a cognate of the Rejang word.
Source: Noceda & Sanlucar 1860
* = obsolete
dog: _áso_, *_banagán_, *_bakáran / binákaran _"this one white and brown";
dog not for hunting: *_áyam_;
hunting dog: _áso > mang-asó _ "to hunt", *_gánid_ (now means "beast"),
puppy: _bilót_, *_pasaké,  _tútà_.
Good luck

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