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The 1st International Conference on Sundanese Culture
Gedung Merdeka, Bandung
August 22 – 25, 2001

"At the Crossroads: The Sundanese Culture in the Face of a
Globalized World"

The Culture Foundation RANCAGE invites proposals for papers
and presentations for its first conference on the Sundanese
Culture, to be held August 22 - 25, 2001 in Bandung, Indonesia.
The theme of the meeting is "At the Crossroads: The Sundanese
Culture in the Face of a Globalized World"

As we turn to a new century,  we take this opportunity to examine
the many ways in which ethnicity, in this case that of the
Sundanese people, can be explored to develop, foster and enrich
so that it contribute positively and fully to a multicultural
Indonesia and the world. What impacts do the social, economic,
political, and culural processes of globalization have on the
Sundanese culture? What kinds of Sundanese narratives are emerging
about the changing nature of community?  We also seek to encourage
a re-examination of the ways in which Sundanese experts work
within communities.  What is the role of documenting and
understanding the transformation of community? How does the
practice of traditional Sundanese performances affect the
community or community members, including Sundanese artists
and artisans? Proposals on all aspects of the practice and
interpretation of Sundanese culture are also welcome.

The First International Conference of the Sundanese Culture gives
us the occasion to draw upon the rich heritage of the Sundanese
as reflected in the work, studies, and documentary expressions
available.   The Program Committee encourages sessions that
experiment with forms of documentation in addition to customary
panels.  Presentations may include film, video, exhibits, drama,
and electronic media, and may take the form of panels,
roundtables, workshops, poster sessions, media- and  performance-
oriented sessions and other formats we haven't yet imagined.

The Culture Foundation RANCAGE invites proposals from
practitioners, observers, scholars, folklorists, graduate students,
library, archives, museum, and media professionals, community
workers, and educators of all level of students.

Prospective paper-presenters should submit a 250-word abstract
by January 13, 2001. Please include a cover page with the full
name, mailing address, institutional affiliation, phone number, and
e-mail address for each session participant.

Abstracts and all queries regarding proposals should be directed
Dr. Chaedar Alwasilah <chaedar at> or <ninon at>
Konferensi Internasional Budaya Sunda 1,
d.a  Perpustakaan "Prof. Dr. A. Doddy Tisnaamidjaja"
Jl. Mutu Manikam No.  69,
Bandung 40265 - Indonesia.
Tel/Fax OC: 62-22-201 5411,
        SC: 62-22-779 6482

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