Tausug and Ilocano translator

Philip W. Davis pwd at ruf.rice.edu
Wed Dec 12 21:31:29 UTC 2001

I have received the following inquiry, which I am passing on to this list for possible help. If you want, please respond directly to Leonid Fridman at

			leonid at RICintl.com

Philip Davis
>Dear Prof. Davis,
>I am sorry to bother you with a request like this, but I understand that you
>have worked on Ilocano, so I thought you may be able to refer me to the
>right person.
>I work for RIC International, a Cambridge-based translation company. We have
>a short document in English that needs to be translated and phonetically
>transcribed into Tausug, Ilocano, Cebuano, and Hiligaynon (as well as 60-odd
>other languages, but the rest are not spoken in the Philippines). I am
>having a very hard time finding a translator for Tausug, or at least a well
>educated person who is a native speaker of Tausug. The text is very
>rudimentary and short, but the requirement to produce a phonetic
>transcription necessitates us finding a reliable informant (but most
>preferably a translator). Any leads you might have would be greatly
>Leonid Fridman
>RIC International
>91 Harvey Street
>Cambridge, MA 02140-1718
>tel: 800-240-0246
>tel: 617-497-5400
>fax: 617-497-8900

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