Virus warnings

Malcolm Ross Malcolm.Ross at
Mon Dec 31 03:00:10 UTC 2001

Dear all,

I am grateful to those who pointed out that the recent virus warning
is a hoax. (And an old one, at that.)

The basic rule of thumb given by the IT people here is: Ignore all
virus warnings unless your IT staff tell you to do otherwise.

For those who do not have IT staff they can rely on, the next best
thing is to go to the web pages listed by Alexandre François.

I think it best _not_ to post virus warnings to lists unless one has
clear confirmation (via IT specialists or up-to-date anti-virus
software) that one's machine has been infected _and_ disinfected.

Many thanks.

Malcolm Ross
List owner
Dr Malcolm D. Ross
Senior Fellow
Department of Linguistics
Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies
Australian National University

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