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Marhay na Aldaw saindo gabos, AN-LANG listers,

I hope you don't mind getting this e-mail, but since it's about for an
Austronesian language I thought you all may be interested.

The below are books for sale about the Bikol languages.  Please direct all
order inquires to jasonlobel at .

_An Satuyang Tataramon_ (Our Language) - by Jason Lobel and Fr. William Tria.
Deals with phonology, grammar, sociolinguistics and dialectology.  There are
also samples of literature such as songs, stories, and newspaper articles
written in the different Bikol languages.  A good balance of material for both
linguists and otherwise, so there's something for everyone. A highly useful and
informative reference work.  380 pages. Hardcover. $29.99

_Bikol Phrasebook_  - by Jason Lobel & Grace Bucad.  A phrasebook aimed at
tourists and those who want to know some Bikol phrases.  The dialects focused
therein are those of Naga and Legazpi Cities.  There is also a brief section
dedicated to other Bikol languages with some useful key words.  Softcover $6.99

_Rinconada Phrasebook_ by Jason Lobel & Grace Bucad.  Another phrasebook, this
time with the Bikol dialects spoken in the Rinconada region of Camarines Sur
that includes the towns of: Nabua, Baao, Bula, and Iriga.  Includes phrases and
a minidictionary in Naga/Legazpi Bikol, Tagalog, and English.  Softcover $9.99

_Bikol Literature Anthology Volume 1_ by Jason Lobel & Grace Bucad.  A
compilation of long-forgotten Bikol literature. Softcover. $19.99

_Bikol CD-ROM Reference Set_ by Jason Lobel.  A set of two CDs dealing with the
Bicol region.  Includes photos, copies of old Bicol magazines (1940's),
cartoons, and Curtis McFarland's dissertation. $24.99

FYI: Bikol is spoken by some five million Filipinos in some form on the
southeastern peninsula of the island of Luzon.

About the author.  Jason Lobel. A graduate of San Diego State University with a
B.A. in Psychology and an M.A. in Linguistics.  Has spent a great amount of
time researching the languages of the Philippines and has taught in various
schools in the Philippines.  He has recently returned to San Diego.  An
unabridged Bikol dictionary and part two of the Bikol Literature Anthology are
in the works.  His collaborators, Fr. William Tria and Grace Bucad are
currently in the Philippines.


--Chris Sundita

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