The Tagalog of Nueva Ecija

Christopher Sundita csundita at
Sat Jul 14 19:38:48 UTC 2001


Since we're on the subject of Tagalog.  Has anyone here done any studies on the
Tagalog spoken in the province of Nueva Ecija?  A couple weeks ago, someone
sent a friend of mine a portion of the Lord's Prayer which reads:

> Ama naming asa langit: Sambahi'y alan Mo; Mapasaami'y kaharian Mo; Sundi'y
> loob Mo rine sa lupa gaya nang sa langit!

One thing you'll see is the lack of ANG, which seems to be replaced by 'Y.  At
first, it appears to be similar to the Y used in Cebuano, but that seems
unlikely.  Perhaps it's from Panggalatok/Pangasinan?


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