the 4 operations

potet POTETJP at
Wed Jul 25 22:46:13 UTC 2001

"Labels have been misleading:  NA is not just a mechanical "linker"; Nang is
not just a "possessive" prepostion  (it is not at all  an "indefinite
article");  AY is not just an "inversion marker" (Jean-Paul's a"anteposer").
All three share a common SYNTACTIC function as ATTRIBUTIVE markers.  Please
see Naylor (1976, 1979) "Linking, Relation-Marking, and Tagalog Syntax" in
Naylor, ed., 1980, Austronesian Studies: Papers from the Second Eastern
Conference on Austronesian Languages." Paz NAYLOR

Sure, but how do you read the four formulas in Tagalog?

Jean-Paul G. POTET

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