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Christopher Sundita csundita at
Fri Jul 27 17:06:35 UTC 2001


Jean-Paul Potet:

> > infected attachments. One supposedly from Charles Macdonald, the other
> > completely anonymous. My anti-virus program detected them and I made it
> > destroy them. I noticed that such attacks occur when I intervene on the

It mostly likely happened without the sender's knowledge, since that's what
worms do; send themselves to everyone in an address book.

Malcolm Ross:

> > > I have had complaints from some subscribers to the AN-LANG list about
> > > the discussion on "4 operations" that you have been conducting on the
> > > list. They feel that this is essentially a private interchange which

If they posted it to the list, then I don't think it's a private exchange, just
MHO.  I belong to several newsgroups, mailing lists, and message boards and I
frequently run into things not of relevance to my interests, but to the topic
at hand.  But then again, different rules may apply here..

As an amateur linguist, I've certainly been enjoying the exchanges that have
been going on between Mr. Cena and Mr. Potet...  I can't get discussions of
that type - Tagalog & Philippine languages/linguistics - anywhere else.  I've
learned a lot here.

Just my 2 cents..

the newbie :)

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