Tagalog Wiki

Cena, Resty rcena at epcor.ca
Mon Jul 30 16:18:53 UTC 2001

I'm looking for an institution to host a Tagalog wiki web site. A wiki is a
collaborative web site. It is the easiest thing in the world to set up and
to use. Maintenance is low. I have been developing one locally in my
machine. The main offerings are:

*	Huntahan "Chat". A chat room.
*	A Tagalog Grammar: a Collaborative Effort. Suggest a Tagalog grammar
topic to develop, or participate and develop a suggested topic.
*	Linguistic Generalizations and Tagalog. Describe, or comment on a
description of, a linguistic rule, principle, constraint, observation in the
context of Tagalog.
*	Projects on Tagalog. Announce and describe a project on Tagalog
(e.g. Tagalog Wordnet), update a project status.
*	On-line Papers. Upload area for papers, finished or in draft form
*	On-line Bibliography. Edit the page directly to add entries, or
correct existing ones.

I have been seeding "A Tagalog Grammar: a Collaborative Effort" with
materials from my (privately circulated book) Tagalog Syntax: a First
Course. ( I don't have entries in Huntahan "Chat", but that may not last
long since I find I'm constantly arguing with myself.)

I'm using Comanche Swiki (a free Smalltalk wiki developed at Georgia Tech) .
It has a built-in Apache server. It works on Windows, *nix, and MacOS.

The web server should be available 7/24 (that's not a linguistic jargon; it
means 7 days 24 hours a day). Traffic will likely be low. Storage
requirements? I have no feel for it at this point, but considering how cheap
they are, who's worrying about a few gigabytes here and there? (Nice to have
electronic versions of theses in the site.)

I will administer the site.

If you are interested in hosting the site, or have questions, please email
me at rcena at epcor.ca.

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