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Dear AN-langers,

This announcement may fall beyond the scope of some people on the list, but I
hope there may be a general interest.  The Yale Council on Southeast Asian
Studies will be holding a conference and cultural celebration of SEA in March
(1-3), 2002.  Although it is a general studies conference, I am hoping that
there will be a positive response from linguists so that we will be able to
organize one or two sessions/panels on the languages of SEA, including
Austronesian and others.  These papers can be of a sociolinguistic,
anthropological, ethnolinguistic, or more formal nature.

The official announcement and call for papers follows.

Please forward to any and all interested Southeast Asianists.

Many thanks,
Tom Conners

Inaugural Conference and Celebration of Southeast Asia
Yale University, New Haven, CT
Friday Sunday, March 1-3, 2002

Sponsored by:
The Yale Council on Southeast Asian Studies

The Yale Council on Southeast Asian Studies announces its inaugural
conference on historical and contemporary issues in Southeast Asia. Our theme
is Generations: Continuity and Conflict in Southeast Asia; we invite the
submission of papers from all disciplines for presentation at this conference.

Southeast Asian actors whether conceptualized as nation-states, ethnic groups,
civil society, social movements or individuals face diverse contemporary
challenges and historical legacies. In its focus on “generations,” this
conference addresses the following questions: What are the common and the
unique issues within the region? How have different actors responded to these
challenges? How do these responses illustrate continuity with the past and
conflicts in the present?

Prospective presenters are encouraged to submit abstracts of no more than 500
words describing their topic, key arguments, and source materials. The
for submission of abstracts is January 5, 2001. Presenters will be notified by
January 15, 2002. Limited reimbursements are available to presenters to defray
conference-related expenses.

This student-run conference will be held on March 1-3, 2002 on the Yale
University campus. Beyond the academic focus of the conference, the event will
also be a University-wide celebration of Southeast Asian cultures, and will
showcase regional films, music, and dance. All events will be open to the

Send abstracts and questions to: The Council on Southeast Asian Studies
(, Yale University, P.O. Box 208206, New Haven, CT
Telephone: 203-432-3431, Fax: 203-432-3432,
E-mail: seas at

For additional and ongoing information about the 2002 Conference, visit

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