Arte de la lengua tagala

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Fri Jul 12 21:12:02 UTC 2002

Hello AN-LANG listers,

I was able to borrow a copy of Fr. Sebastian Totanes's ARTE DE LA LENGUA
TAGALA. Very interesting to see how Tagalog was like centuries ago.

I noticed this verb paradigm in the book:

              Old Tagalog         Modern Tagalog
Infinitive    sumulat             sumulat
Completed     sungmulat           sumulat
Progressive   sungmusulat         sumusulat
Contemplated  susulat             susulat

I don't remember seeing this in the Doctrina Cristiana, though I no longer
have access to a copy so I could check. But, is this accurate?  I'm refering
to the addition to (I assume) of a velar nasal within the infix -UM-.

Was this just limited to a few dialects or to many? And does it exist today
in any current Tagalog dialects or Philippine languages?


--Christopher Sundita

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