Pazih Texts and Songs (new publication)

Thu Jan 30 10:32:25 UTC 2003

Dear fellow linguists and musicians,
	Pazih, a Formosan language formerly spoken in the western plains of
Taiwan, has come down to the very last good speaker at the age of 89. Recorded
in the new publication, Pazih Texts and Songs, are 13 textss and 13 songs (with words and musical notes). The earliest Pazih text was recorded in 1897 by Ino,
3 texts in 1936 by Asai, 4 texts in 1969 by Tsuchida, and the rest between 1976 and 1999 by Li, and 3 traditional ritual songs were recorded probably before
1930, all checked and corrected with the help of the Pazih informant. This
publication is accompanied by 2 CDs: one for some of the texts and the other
for all the songs. It has just won a prize for one of the best publications
from the Ministry of Education, Taiwan.
	The book may be obtained for US$20 for a hardcopy, plus $10 for
handling and postage charge if ordered from abroad. It can be ordered at the
following address: Institute of Linguistics; Academia Sinica; Nankang, Taipei
115; Taiwan.  Alternatively, one may order copies from teh bookstore at the
Academia Sinica by email: River4 at  Personal checks in US$ are
--Paul Li

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