[An-lang] Re: Some unfamiliar Malay words

Roger Mills romilly at egl.net
Wed Jul 23 05:58:23 UTC 2003

Dear Colleagues:
Over the past several years I've been working on a translation of Rinnooy's
_Maleisch-Kissersche Woordenlijst_ publ. in TBG XXI, 1886. (Kisar is closely
related to Leti.)  The spelling of his Malay seems quite idiosyncratic
and/or often irregular, presumably reflecting usage in the Moluccas in that
era. A few (16) Ml. glosses remain totally obscure. I have posted a list,
with comments, at my website http://cinduworld.tripod.com/indonesica.htm .

Is anyone more familiar than I with Molluccan Malay and its 19th C.
variations, or could you recommend a good source that might clarify such
forms?  At the moment I have Klinkert, Wilkinson and Echols &Shadily, the
latter not much help. On a recent visit to Ann Arbor I found the 1991 Kamus
Besar BI, also not much help; Poerwadarminta unfortunately was out.

Any help will be appreciated.  Thanks.
Roger Mills

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