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Fri Nov 5 21:37:03 UTC 2004

I would like to share with the list the answer that I received from Sander
Adelaar regarding my query of November 3.  And I would like to express my thanks
to all who sent me answers.

Bill Davies
University of Iowa

>I would like some help with a grammaticality judgment.  In at least 3
>theoretical discussions about determiner phrases that I have looked
>at recently,
>the following is cited as a form from Javanese:
>ika  n   anak
>this the baby
>This looks like no Javanese form that I have ever encountered, and the two
>friends that I can easily ask confirm this.  However, I'd like to inquire of a
>larger group of speakers whether this is, in fact, grammatical and if it means
>something along the lines of 'this baby/child'.  Thanks for any assistance.

This is Old Javanese, a language which was used between 9th century
and 15th century AD., so no wonder it does not register with your
informants. The form is correct though. See Zoetmulder's grammar and
dictionary of Old Javanese.

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