[An-lang] a festschrift for Ulo Sirk

Yury Lander yulander at yandex.ru
Fri Oct 1 14:45:25 UTC 2004

Dear colleagues,

(Apologies for possible multiple postings.)

This message is addressed mainly to those of you who are acquainted to Dr. Ulo Sirk and respect his work.

We are preparing a festschrift to Ulo Sirk, who will celebrate his 70th birthday next year (in April). This volume is going to be devoted to various aspects of Austronesian studies. If you would like to participate in this volume, please contact me in the nearest time. Note that we have to hurry, and we hope to see the contributions before the New Year.

Also, we are very interested in any suggestions or help with the problem of *where to publish the volume*. For some reasons, my own opinion is that this volume should be published not in Russian and not in Russia. For the time being, we have not contacted any publishing house, though. (And in case we will not find where the volume can be published, we hopefully will be able to publish it in Russia - however, then we will be able just to spread copies among the authors and perhaps some main institutions such as, say, IIAS in Leiden.)

Note that the idea is kept secret from Ulo, who is not subscribed to the AN-Lang.

Best wishes,

Yury Lander
Department of Languages
Institute of Oriental Studies
Rozhdestvenka 12
107031 Moscow

yulander at yandex.ru
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