[An-lang] Session on early Austronesian subgrouping at 10-ICAL

Laurent Sagart laurent.sagart at ehess.fr
Tue Jan 4 16:55:47 UTC 2005

Dear colleagues,


At the organizers' request, I am planning a session on early Austronesian subgrouping at 10-ICAL (January 2006, the Philippines: http://www.sil.org/asia/philippines/ical.html). The aim is to allow presentation and discussion of recent hypotheses and methods on the overall architecture of the AN family tree, without going into the detailed structure of individual subgroups.


The format thus far is for four 45-minute presentations, including discussion time, on either side of a 30-mn break. The session will either occupy a morning, or an afternoon. The program of sessions at 10-ICAL is not finalized yet, but I am assured that although there will be parallel sessions, a session on Formosan languages will not be scheduled at the same time.


Proposals for presentations are invited. Topics of interest are:


-position of Formosan languages; 

-can constructs like WMP, CEMP, CMP, Hesperonesian, Proto-Formosan, Philippine, etc. be supported with uniquely shared innovations ?

-alternative architectures for the MP node;

-what linguistic subgroupings are compatible with a New Guinea/non-Formosan homeland for Austronesian ?

-computational subgrouping methods;

-subgrouping arguments from outside of linguistics: genetics, archaeology etc.


This list is not limitative.


For enquiries or to propose a contribution, please contact me, Laurent Sagart, at sagart at ehess.fr, preferably using a very explicit subject line (to ensure your mail is not falsely treated as spam by the spam filter at my institution).


L. Sagart
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