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Tenth International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics
17-20 January 2006

           The 10th International Conference on Austronesian Linguistics
(10-ICAL) will be hosted by the Linguistic Society of the Philippines and
SIL International, 17-20 January 2006 in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, the
Philippines. Plenary speakers will be Dr. Lawrence Reid (Aspects of the
Morphology and Syntax of Proto-Cordilleran) and Dr. Nicole Revel (Epics in
Austronesian Languages and Cultures: Ethnopoetics, Ethnomusicology and

            Scholars are invited to offer papers on any aspect of language
or linguistics specifically related to Austronesian languages, including but
not limited to: historical and comparative matters, phonetics and phonology,
morphosyntax and discourse, lexicography and semantics, language
preservation and development, literature, and language teaching. Papers may
be data- or theory-oriented. Presenters will have 30 minutes each--20 for
presentation and 10 for discussion. Theme- or area-related workshops and
panel sessions are also invited.

            Panel Sessions proposed to date include: Dictionaries and
Dictionary-making in Austronesian (Organizer: Andrew Pawley), Early
Austronesian Subgrouping (Organizer: Laurent Sagart), Epics in Austronesian
Languages and Cultures (Organizer: Nicole Revel), Languages of Maluku
(Organizer: Margaret Florey), Noun Phrase Structures: functional elements
and reference tracking (Organizers: Simon Musgrave and Michael Ewing), and
Pronoun Ordering Typology in Austronesian (Organizer: Loren Billings).

            Abstracts of 100-500 words may now be sent to 10-ICAL at sil.org,
and will be accepted through 30 July 2005. Notification of acceptance will
be by 30 August 2005. Please submit abstracts via email in two formats: (1)
Microsoft Word file (NB: Mac users, please send as .rtf file, instead), (2)
.PDF file. If it is not possible to submit a .PDF file, please send a hard
copy of the abstract to:

            10-ICAL Abstracts
            c/o LSP Secretariat
            De La Salle University
            2401 Taft Avenue
            1004 Manila

            Selected papers will be published through the Philippine Journal
of Linguistics. Submissions must be submitted in Microsoft Word (Mac users,
.rtf file on an IBM-compatible disk) and .PDF format before leaving the
conference site.

            On-line registration should be possible beginning 1 March 2005.

            Venue: The Legend Hotel (and cooperating hotels) in Puerto
Princesa City, Palawan. Conference fee: $125 (USD) for regular participants,
$75 (USD or equivalent in Philippine Pesos) for students or Philippine
residents. Separate accommodation packages to be announced.

            Dates: The Conference will officially be in session 17-20
January 2006. An informal reception is planned for the evening of 16

            Other items of interest: All flights to Puerto Princesa City
from Manila are morning flights. This means participants may need to plan an
overnight in Manila. The good news is that there should be time the
afternoon of 16 January for an island-hopping excursion in Honda Bay for any
who are interested. A banquet is planned for the final evening of 20 January
2006, for an additional charge. A field trip to Tabon Caves is under
consideration for Saturday, 21 January 2006, immediately following the

            For future updates on 10-ICAL, please check the 10-ICAL web
page. http://www.sil.org/asia/philippines/ical.html

Email inquiries may be addressed to 10-ICAL at sil.org. Updates will
automatically be sent to members of AN-LANG list, and those who have
specifically requested such from 10-ICAL at sil.org.

Note: Information subject to change in future updates.

Date of this announcement: 20 January 2005


1) How much will 10-ICAL cost?
            The registration fee is $125 (USD) for regular participants, $75
(USD or equivalent in Philippine Pesos) for students with proof of
enrollment and for Philippine residents. Meal and accommodations packages
will be announced in early 2005, as will possible methods for payment.
International airfares will vary depending on point of origin.

2) How do I get to Puerto Princesa City, Palawan?
            Most 10-ICAL participants will want to arrive by air. Puerto
Princesa City is served by three airlines with daily flights from Manila:
Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, and Air Philippines. Overnight passenger
ships also travel between Manila and Palawan for those with a more relaxed
schedule. More information available at Negros Navigation and WG&A
Philippines. Be forewarned: seas in January can be rough. For additional
information on sites in Palawan and the Philippines, see: The Palawan
Destination Guide and Wow Philippines.

3) Is Puerto Princesa City a safe location?
            10-ICAL participants should plan all international travel with
proper caution. The province of Palawan, particularly the city of Puerto
Princesa, is generally recognized as safe. Palawan is not included, for
instance, in lists compiled by the US State Department of specific locations
to be avoided by US citizens. The Philippines was not directly affected by
the tsunamis of 26 December 2004.

4) Will I need to take malaria prophylaxis or other special health
            Travelers should consult their physicians regarding any special
health concerns. Participants should be current in any immunizations, such
as for tetanus and typhoid. Visitors to Puerto Princesa City do not
generally take malaria prophylaxis, although malaria is endemic in areas to
the north and south. If overnight stays outside the city are planned,
various inexpensive malaria medications are available in local pharmacies.

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