[An-lang] etymology of foeja 'bark cloth'

David Mead david_mead at sil.org
Fri Jan 28 21:13:37 UTC 2005


I'm wondering if someone could tell me the etymology of the word "foeja", a
(widespread?) term in the Dutch East Indies for bark cloth.  Following
modernized Indonesian spelling, the word would now be written as
"fuya".  Curiously, I've not found any Dutch or Indonesian dictionary which
lays claim to this word.  Whilst the practice of making bark cloth has
declined, people in many parts of Central Sulawesi at least still readily
recognize the word "fuya", and are even a bit surprised to find out that
it's not the 'official' Indonesian word for bark cloth (which is
jeluang).  Indigenous words for bark cloth bear no resemblance to "fuya".

Thanks much,

David Mead

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