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Resumption of SIL-PNG Datapapers

After a recess of some years the Papua New Guinea Branch of SIL is  
pleased to announce the resumption of the series Datapapers on Papua  
New Guinea Languages. This series, now edited by René van den Berg,  
will be of interest to linguists studying Papuan as well as  
Austronesian languages.

The first title (volume 48) has already been published in 2005:  
Seimat Grammar Essentials by Beata Wozna and Theresa Wilson.  
Forthcoming titles include Phonological descriptions of PNG  
languages, edited by Steve Parker (a collection of 15 articles);  
Bariai Grammar Sketch by Steve Gallagher and Peirce Baehr and Siar  
Grammar Essentials by Karen Rowe.

The price for each volume will vary according to printing costs but  
we anticipate that the range will be Kina 15-30 per volume (US$5-10)  
plus postage and handling. Payment will need to be by cheque in PNG  
Kina, Australian Dollars or US Dollars.

If you are interested in becoming a subscriber please send an email  
to lr‑acpub at Full name and mailing address details should  
be included.

For your information, SIL-PNG is currently also developing a website  
where the Datapapers will be made available electronically, in  
addition to selected unpublished documents from the linguistic archives.


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