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Tue Jul 10 09:55:10 UTC 2007

Dear colleagues,

Following our recent announcement of the date of 11-ICAL on June 15-18,
2009, we have received messages from colleagues in Taiwan and in Holland
saying that these dates made it difficult for scholars there to attend.
Holding 11-ICAL the following week, between June 22 and June 27 would be
preferable for them.

After checking with Aussois, holding 11-ICAL between June 22 and June
27 isopen. Earlier dates in June (or even May) are also open.

July and August are not open (since Centre Paul Langevin at Aussois serves
as a holiday center during the two summer months);  a date in the autumn
would make it difficult for our Australian colleagues, unless it was during
their spring break week, September 28 to October 2: however this would then
probably clash with northern hemisphere dates. Therefore the second half of
June remains the preferred period.

Our main concern with holding 11-ICAL during the week of June 22 to 27 is
the possible clash with the LSA Institute at Berkeley which will either take
place on that week or on the following week. There will normally be people
who will want to attend both. Malcolm Ross has indicated that he will have
to miss ICAL if the dates clash, as he will be teaching at the LSA

At the suggestion of Margaret Florey, we would like to poll people on this
list. There are two dates currently on the table: the original date: June
15-18 and during the week of June 22-27 (either at the beginning or at the
end of that week).

At this point we would like to know whether one of the two dates (or both
!?) would make it impossible for you to attend.

We will get back to you after we have received your feedback, towards then
end of the month. Please do not reply on An-lang, but directly to the
organizers (just paste the list below in the 'mail to' field):

"Alain Lemarechal" <catherine.secretan at >, "
Alexandre.Francois at" <Alexandre.Francois at>,
"Claire.Moyse at"
<Claire.Moyse at>, "Elisa Rakotomanga" <rako at>, "Francoise
Rivierre" < frivierr at>, "Isabelle Bril" <ibril at>,
"Jean-Michel Fortis" < fortis.jean-michel at>, "Josiane Cauquelin" <
josiane.cauquelin at>, "Josiane Cauquelin"
<josiane.cauquelin at>,
"Nicole Revel" <revel at>, "Rivierre"
<Jean-Claude.Rivierre at
>, <laurent.sagart at>

Isabelle Bril will be monitoring your replies while I'm away (July 15-Aug.
1) so please make sure she is a recipient.

Best wishes to all.

For the organizing committee,

Laurent Sagart

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