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SIL-PNG is happy to announce the recent publication of:

Mussau Grammar Essentials by John and Marjo Brownie (Data
Papers on Papua New Guinea Languages, volume 52). 2007. Ukarumpa:
SIL. iv + 221 pages.

Mussau is a first-order Oceanic (Austronesian) language, spoken on islands
at the
northern tip of New Ireland Province in Papua New Guinea. Its unique
position within
Oceanic makes this description all the more important for comparative

Interesting features of the language include geminate vowels and
consonants, various
types of reduplication, a complex number-classifier system, several
tense-aspect-mood markers, serial verb constructions, and an unusual
equative clause (in which the subject is marked with an object pronoun
following a transitive marker on the noun). Two interlinearised texts
complete the description.

A pdf version of the book is available on the SIL-PNG website at This website also
contains many
other interesting documents, including language maps, brief phonologies,
descriptions, as well as dictionaries in various formats.

Bound paper copies of the Mussau grammar can be obtained from
lr-dats at at
US$15. Postage from PNG is unfortunately rather high: $15 for Australia
and $20 for
the rest of the world.

Other Data Papers scheduled to appear in 2007:
Fuyug Grammar Sketch by Robert Bradshaw.
Lote Grammar Sketch by Greg and Mary Pearson.

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