Lote grammar sketch

Richard Parker richardparker01 at YAHOO.COM
Tue Aug 19 04:55:36 UTC 2008

Thankyou, Greg Pearson and René van den Berg,  for producing this description of a little-known language at the bottom right-hand side of a little-known, but rather large and important island in Austronesian/Polynesian history. 
This is not the usual bare stuff. I feel I could land among the Lote, armed with nothing much more than this paper, and have something useful to discuss with them. (They'd probably take the mickey from me, but that's understandable).
And while we're about it, I would like to thank and congratulate SIL-PNG for their admirably open access publication philosophy. They've got some wonderful stuff available at ,
for free.
best regards
Richard Parker
Siargao Island, Philippines
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