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Nick Thieberger thien at UNIMELB.EDU.AU
Wed Jul 9 01:35:58 UTC 2008

PARADISEC ( is very pleased to announce that it now
houses over 2000 hours of field recordings. A blog entry discussing the
2000th hour can be found here, and includes a note by Mark Durie about
Acehnese dialect material he has deposited in the collection:

PARADISEC staff have digitised 83 collections (or 5917 files) and a further
27 collections (or 21614 files) have been provided to us in digital format.

The archive currently contains items from the following depositors:
Alexander Adelaar, Chris Ballard, Linda Barwick, Fiona Blake, David Bradley,
Carolyn Brennan, Amanda Brotchie, Ian Campbell, Arthur Capell, Catherine
Ingram, Aaron Corn, Miriam Corris, Terence Crowley, Melissa Crowther, Hugh
de Ferranti, Hilario de Sousa, Arthur Delbridge, Laura Dimock, Mark Donohue,
Mark Durie, Tom Dutton, Domenyk Eades, A.P. Elkin, Bethwyn Evans, Cathy
Falk, Sebastian Fedden, Reis Flora, Margaret Florey, William Foley, Don
Gardner, David Goldsworthy, Valerie Guerin, Jeremy Hammond, John Harris,
Gary Holton, Tom Honeyman, Eric Horne, Gregory Hurworth, Catriona Hyslop,
Pascale Jacq, James Martin Johansson, Paul Kroeger, Nicole Kruspe, Wolfgang
Laade, Ralph Lawton, Don Laycock, Jerry Wayne Leach, Piet Lincoln, Robyn
Loughnane, Kin Chuan Low, Neil Maclean, Bob MacLennan, Anna Margetts, Doug
Marmion, Deirdre P Marshall, Ken McElhanon, James McElvenny, Andrew
McIntyre, Alison McQueen, Jadran Mimica, Lyn Moore, Stephen D. Morey, Alice
Moyle, Claire Moyse-Faurie, Adam Paliwala, Bill Palmer, Anthony Phillips,
Roslyn Poignant, Carol Priestley, Laura Robinson, Ruth Roesler, Alan Rumsey,
Leonard Sam, P Samson, Lila San-Roque, Cindy Schneider, Al Schütz, Cynthia
Shannon, Jeff Siegel, Jane Simpson, Olaf Smedal, Ian Russell Smith, Wolfgang
Sperlich, Magdalena Szyma, Amos Teo, Tote Tepano, Nick Thieberger, Martin
Thomas, Matthew Toulmin, Clemens (Bert) Voorhoeve, Wayne Dye, Stephen (S.A.)
Wurm, Ying-che Li.
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